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Play Your Cards Right

Broadcast 1980 © LWT London Weekend Television
Broadcast 1980
© LWT London Weekend Television

Play Your Cards Right was the British version of a US format called Card Sharks, and has been a big hit for Bruce Forsyth over the years. He has hosted three different versions and this is the original LWT series, with a pleasingly jazzy theme tune composed by Alyn Ainsworth and a memorable title sequence design by Martin Lambie Nairn: the logo appears along with Forsyth's name over revolving kaleidoscopic images of a jester, king and queen. As it made good sense to record several shows in front of the same audience, Bruce would often begin with the gag, "What a lovely audience! You're so much better than last week's." His other catchphrases included: "Points Make Prizes," "You get nothing for a pair in this game," and "It could still be a good night if you play your cards right!"