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A Thief Would Like Your Bike - palmer7 - 31-07-2022

Featuring Derek Griffiths. 

RE: A Thief Would Like Your Bike - Mark McMillan - 01-08-2022

Derek Griffiths is a wonderful all-round entertainer. I have fond memories of him on Play School and Film Fun (showing my age now lol) and who could forget his character intros on Bod and the sublime Proboscis Monkeys song from Heads and Tails?

As for bicycle safety PIFs, the masterpiece that is Get Yourself Seen has to be the outright winner, surely?

RE: A Thief Would Like Your Bike - Mister.Trimble - 02-08-2022

To be honest, I don't know if it was a regional thing, but I can't remember seeing this PIF on either the BBC or Thames/LWT when I was growing up in north London, and I didn't see it until around 2003, when I bought a VHS reference compilation tape from Film Images, the company who previously held the COI catalogue.  However, I do remember Derek's animated self in the Green Cross Code 'SPLINK' one circa 1976, as that was shown in regular advert breaks.

RE: A Thief Would Like Your Bike - Mark McMillan - 03-08-2022

There were certainly PIFs shown only in specific areas of the country. I wouldn't imagine the tractor safety or passing places ones would be shown in London or any large built-up area. For a while, STV would always show the Snatch of the Day PIF prior to World of Sport on Saturdays. I wonder if any other regions did the same?

RE: A Thief Would Like Your Bike - cosmo - 05-08-2022

Well, wasn't Snatch of the Day a Match of the Day/WoS parody? Probably not altogether a bad idea to screen it and get its message across before "the real thing".