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Vosene shampoo - philipdalton - 31-07-2022

One advert for Vosene medicated shampoo which I can still vaguely recall from childhood, but have never been able to locate online, is one that said it was "good for mums" and showed some boy having his hair washed in the bath.

RE: Vosene shampoo - palmer7 - 31-07-2022

RE: Vosene shampoo - philipdalton - 31-08-2022

Someone on some discussion forum somewhere told me they remembered the "good for mums" Vosene ad & according to them it was run for years.

RE: Vosene shampoo - philipdalton - 22-03-2023
I've found this one on YouTube but there's no sound on it for some reason or another.