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International Presentation - RandomMe - 17-08-2022

There's already an international news thread, so I think it's time for a general international pres one.

RTP 2 continuity from January 4, 2003, featuring the Christmas version of the menu. Often in Portugal Christmas looks last until January 6.

RE: International Presentation - tvshelter1988 - 20-08-2022

In Spain there's no IVC since so many years ago... here's an example

RE: International Presentation - RandomMe - 24-08-2022

A SIC closedown from May 1994, featuring the first schedule layout

RE: International Presentation - RandomMe - 27-08-2022

And now for something completely different, from a cable channel that had limited reach at the time:

ARTV (Chilean cable high arts channel) closedown from 1992, the year it started broadcasts: