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Test cards in the wild - RandomMe - 03-12-2022

This thread is dedicated to when live (world) feeds go wrong and test cards (sometimes unusual) appear for like a few seconds.

I'm sure some of you who watched as many matches as the World Cup possible saw ITV 1 glitching up in Saudi Arabia's second appearance, but on November 23, the world feed of Germany vs. Japan was visited by a somewhat interesting testcard with a snowman, I suspect it was made by the Japanese?
[Image: 20221123_144930.jpg]
SPORT.TV 1 Portugal

RE: Test cards in the wild - tvshelter1988 - 11-12-2022

Must be from japanese feed or something, this is the kind of test card they still uses there at closing down times.

RE: Test cards in the wild - Northmountainfilms - 21-01-2023

Here's a test card I made:[Image: Testcard.png]This was made with