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(06-01-2023, 07:47 PM)Medianext.MX Wrote: Happy New Year to all of you! Hoping the main website returns this year after its rebuilding process. I understand this is a long and really difficult process, not helped by doing it from scratch and with the people involved having real jobs. I think the newly rebuilt website will be much better and work much smoother than the TVARK beta website.

For the new website, I am also proposing an improved MyTVARK service which could take cues from the TVARK Interactive initiative launched during 2009, with new features for easy personalisation and allowing users to get the most of a "TVARK ecosystem":
  • TVARK Forum accounts could be used to access both the Forum platform and the MyTVARK functions, and viceversa; in an essential way, rolling the accounts to allow easy access to both services, avoiding the need for using two different and separate accounts.
  • Registered users could have the ability to comment and like videos, but also, in a way similar to streaming platforms, they can also profit from continuous playback of content, the ability to create watchlists, access to other archive videos through a pull-out menu, contribute and upload content to the archive, and get access to curation possibilities. They could also benefit of a Shuffle option, letting registered users randomise content, either from the entire website selection, or for a given category.
  • Registered users could be able to download archive content (videos, audios and images) for personal consumption (yep, personal consumption), with stronger compliance needed to avoid so-called web snatching, including illegally uploading content to YouTube and other video sharing websites.
  • I was thinking of working on a Settings page for the main website; allowing registered users to customise the browsing experience in an easy way, including sort video pages by alphabetical order, most recent, most watched, most liked or most commented. There could be also the ability to follow pages or sections and receive notifications when new content is posted, alongside customisation opportunities for registered users, including activating dark mode, and customisation of the website's interface, for example, disabling GIFs in favour of static images in case of bandwidth or computer limitations, selecting themed player layouts, and even the ability to create their own SPARK feed and the ability to select your own audio accompainment (either the SPARK music feed, discontinuous tone, or no audio at all).
  • Finally, a proposal for two new sub-sites (similar to TVARK Forum), which could be launched in a later stage. First, a mock designs sub-site similar to APFS, given the current generation of TV presentation forums have decided not to include a mock designs section. It will also serve to preserve and bring to a new generation the APFS archive. The website would also accept new mock submissions, going from mock designs from existing channels and 'what if' and 'alternative history' mocks. Accounts from the TVARK ecosystem could be rolled to this website and given the ability to contribute to the galleries (which would be structured similarly to APFS, but with heavy cues of DeviantArt and more personalisation opportunities, including the ability to edit mocks and comment and like them).
  • The other proposal is a library sub-site, based on the website, where registered users could access and download (in a Fair Share, educational and non-commercial basis) books, magazines and publications related to TV presentation and related topics, for either research and/or personal purposes. Most of these materials would be rare, out-of-print materials, which are considered "basic" materials for understanding certain aspects of particular elements of on-air presentation. These could be also sorted through thematic categories of content and many curation possibilities. There can be also a space dedicated to access of TV presentation and behind the scenes-related video documentaries, easily available for the same purposes.

Sorry for the extension of this post, but I wanted to explain many of the elements of this idea for a MyTVARK improved service (the TVARK ecosystem). These additions would make TVARK much more attractive to a new generation of users which are more accustomed to YouTube and Twitter for accessing archival TV presentation content, but it also retains the ability to retain control of the material whilst allowing for more personalisation opportunities. In summary, retaining free, worldwide, ad-free access to TVARK, whilst having some of the technology and online video delivery solutions of modern-day streaming services and portal-based offerings. It also makes TVARK ready to expand to other platforms as a streaming app, either for phone, tablet and or smart TV players.

Hoping these suggestions are useful for the team behind the site, and worth noting these ideas could be implemented maybe not when the website launches, but gradually after the site is restored online. Good luck to you and hoping the rebuilt website will become successful when it launches!
Think I agree with some of these, like the mocks section (yes, I experienced APFS first-hand before it shut down).

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