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Here's how closedowns looked like in the UK.

Back then, until 1997, BBC used to close down.

Here are some of the times BBC used to close but with a twist:
Early years of its operation: Some closedown sequences said The End, and IIRC, they would close after these sequences. I remember BBC Television Service, which was the early BBC One, playing the national anthem too after the closedown sequence that says The End. Video recordings weren't ahead of the time, so it's lost media.
BBC 1's early years (not BBC Television Service): Apparently, BBC 1 used to close down throughout its early years after the end of BBC Television Service and the start of BBC 1, with a still of the Queen on a background. Some people suggested that this was also shown on BBC Television Service.
BBC Christmases and 1965: During some Christmases, BBC 1 closed with a still image of the Queen. The only known Christmases that BBC used to close with the Queen that I know was 1977, 1978, and 1992. In 1965, BBC also closed with the Queen, even if it wasn't Christmas. During the Jubilee in 1977, BBC 1 showed a still image of the Broadcasting House with the Jubilee Crest and played the National Anthem over it.
BBC's Different National Anthems: If you remember, BBC played the same anthem in different ways, or just used a different national anthem. Example goes BBC Wales, which played the Welsh anthem and then the short version of the National Anthem, but IIRC, in the late 70s and 80s, they played the same combo, but in sing along rendition. BBC Wales also played the same combo over Christmas idents (some of them played Christmas carols). BBC North took it to the max in 1991, where they played God Save the Queen repeated 2 times, which lasted for 2 minutes, the same length the BBC 1 North ident stayed on screen. There was also an early 80s version where they played the same anthem as ATV (Asia Television)'s one, and they didn't use the clock or the announcer, and they simply closed with this anthem without the announcer.
Where's the Globe: BBC 1 used to close down sometimes with the National Anthem played over a clock, and the globe ident was absent.

They also closed with the Anthem. Most companies did play the Anthem, through static slides (one of them was LWT), a slideshow (used by Anglia and other stations), or a video.

The exceptions are Granada (which only played during the 1986 Queen's birthday), Yorkshire (which only played during the 1982 Queen's birthday), Border (it used to close with the anthem during its early years until the 70s), Central (it only played the anthem when an important person died, and it didn't play it in closedown), and Meridian (it was 24 hours). CITV also didn't play the Anthem at closedown, only using the channel's closedown ident and then handing over back to regular programming.

TWW and HTV Wales played both the Welsh anthem and the British anthem. Both channels used footage of nature (HTV Wales did that to both anthems), and finally, the shots of the Queen inspecting regiments and doing other stuff before panning to her face (TWW only). TWW played the combo for many years, except for the final closedown, which showed the Exit sign with the TWW logo.

Central would play the Central closedown theme (abbreviated) at the Central 1985 closedown. The footage showed a candle and some plants. The light would then dim, remaining only the candle. Then, the candle blew away, making the footage entirely black as the announcer says goodnight. In 1984, a year before this closedown, in Christmas, they showed a still image of a snowy town with a choir singing a Christmas carol, with text that says "GOODNIGHT FROM CENTRAL". They announced the closedown shorter than expected, at the Independent Radio slide.

Channel 4:
Channel 4's 14 year day of closing down only included a clock, and then the Fourscore ident. They used specific variations during Christmas, and a still variant with Fourscore during one of the Super Bowl events. IIRC, Channel 4 also had an early variant of the closedown clock which was just in vision. The first ever Channel 4 closedown had the candle logo blowing away (the 4 remained after the wick blow away) before fading to black. It predated the similar Central 1985 closedown by 3 years.

IIRC, S4C closed with a clock and then nothing afterwards. Sometimes, S4C would play the Welsh anthem at closedown. A Christmas 1983 S4C closedown featured a special ident at the end of the clock, with the S4C 1982 ident playing over it. Then, during the late 80s, S4C would show a normal ident at closedown. Currently, they show a slide at closedown.

Foreign Non-UK Stations and UK Radio Stations:
The National Anthem of the UK was also done at some radio stations outside of the UK (including Radio Wewak). Some UK radio stations skipped the anthem and opted in for a jingle. ATV World and TVB Pearl played the Anthem. During 1982, TVB Pearl closed with footage of the Queen. Then, in 1987, they would show a still of the Queen before crossfading to the UK flag, with the Queen barely visible. ATV World also showed the sequence similar to the one used by Pearl in 1987, showing the London city for a few seconds before fully fading to the Queen. It was also done by ZBC (then known as RBC), BFBS (also SSVC), and some other stations, like ABC in Australia.
BBC's closures all have certain reasons. The BBC's continued closure of different facilities is a cause for concern.
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