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Help Me Find This Advert
My mum is trying to find this old advert circa 1986-1987. She claims it's either by Weetabix or Frosties (she can't recall correctly), and it had the deep voice of a man saying "rolling" while he (or someone) was rolling down from the top of a hill

Could you help her find it (and the name of the cereal promoted)?
I don't think it would be Weetabix because The Skinheads characters were the main campaign at that time walking about like Madness: "We're Weetabix -- OK".

I don't think it would be Frosties as Tony the Tiger was the main character: "But Tony you've got to help - We're one rider short!"

Fruit and Fibre was Nick Hancock singing, "Apples, hazelnuts, bananas, raisins, coconuts, sultanas - now breakfast's really going with a swing".

Bran Flakes: "They're tasty, tasty very very tasty".
Ready Brek: "Central Heating for kids"
Special K: "Can you pinch more than an inch"

Sugar Puffs: Usually Honey Monster and Henry McGee.

Shredded Wheat: Abraham Lincoln

Could it be Kellogg's OJs?
I don't know if this was ever broadcast in the UK. I don't remember it.

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