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Going through my old Polaroid off-air photos I came across these two from TVS (sorry for poor quality), when were they used? I know the colour rendition is not all that good with Polaroid but they can't be that far out. I cannot find them on TV Ark or am I missing something. Were they transition images between the earlier and later captions? Is there anybody who can help.
Perhaps when TVS was gearing up for 24-hour television? I don't know when did they first partake in the experiment, but the nature of the first slide makes me believe it was used when TV-am ended and when the authority announcements and elaborate start-up themes became superfluous.

Thanks to ITV Schools on Channel 4 mainly, enabling the ITV companies to claim two and a half hours more.
Yes I think it was taken around the time that TV-am started breakfast programmes. So maybe this is the answer.

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