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The Northern Ireland News Thread
On this thread we’ll be discussing all things UTV Live & BBC Newsline.

To kick things off. BBC Newsline is getting a new set in early autumn. A temporary set will be unveiled in a matter of weeks
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, wow!

This out of vision weather presenter nonsense by UTV is way way way beyond a joke now, it’s normally on weekends & bank holidays unfortunately, but A WHOLE week it was production journalists reading it anonymously, they’re name isn’t under the UTV Weather logo either it is utter shambles

For goodness sake this isn’t acceptable for a regional news programme, an English accent won’t cause the sky to cave in!, UTV weather needs to come from Salford or Millbank, or for crying out loud already just give us a On screen weather presenter ASAP, not a crappy voiceover from the Belfast studio

And scrap the final UTV branding, ITV News Northern Ireland is ready to happen, just take the flipping plunge already ITV for heavens sake!!!
I’m surprised ITV haven’t said yet “ let’s drop the remaining UTV branding and rebrand UTV Live to ITV News Northern Ireland”. Honestly I don’t think it’ll cause the world to end, plus I don’t even think many viewers will notice it

Maybe in the next ITV News rebrand. Just go for it. It makes sense to match the other regions

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