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PIF's We Need!
Hello, fellow PIF fanatics!

This is the thread to discuss and list PIF's which we remember, but which so far aren't available to view on the Internet.

To give a couple of examples, I remember an animated one back in the early 1970's about gas safety, in which a genie explains what you should and shouldn't do with regards to taking care with gas.  It was roughly two and a half to three minutes long, and Thames Television showed it on occasions.  Another one is the 'places of interest' PIF about the Yorkshire Dales, which was voiced by the late Frank Windsor and featured a re-enactment of a sword fight outside Bolton Castle.  Again, this was shown on Thames quite often.

So, how about you?
The one I've been hunting for years is a alcohol awareness one from Scotland, early 90s. Annoyingly I had this on VHS but it's long gone.

Two guys in a bar drinking, they notice an attractive woman walking in. Suddenly thier heads start to unscrew before falling off. The woman is seen with another bloke.

"What's he got that we haven't?"
"...his head's screwed on?"
On the On the Buses episode "The New Telly", there is another gas-themed PIF on the TV set Stan wants to flog.

Between 07:37 and 07:50.
I wonder a) does it still exist? and b) will it ever become available to see again if it does?
"This is BBC World Service Television."
Another PIF which I remember well, but which has proven extremely elusive since it was shown in the 1970's, was a 'don't throw fireworks' one.  It's earlier than the 'Julie' PIF that finally appeared on 'Charley Says 2' in 2005, and has a group of boys fooling around with bangers, with one of them going to pick up a firework that's been lit and it explodes.  The other boys are shocked over this, and the PIF ends with a slow zoom towards a burning guy on a bonfire.

A male voiceover is heard over the visuals, and although I honestly can't remember his opening sentence, after the firework explosion, he says the following : "See they follow the Firework Code, and tell them.... don't throw fireworks... ever!"

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