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International Presentation
There's already an international news thread, so I think it's time for a general international pres one.

RTP 2 continuity from January 4, 2003, featuring the Christmas version of the menu. Often in Portugal Christmas looks last until January 6.
In Spain there's no IVC since so many years ago... here's an example

Greetings from Spain
A SIC closedown from May 1994, featuring the first schedule layout
And now for something completely different, from a cable channel that had limited reach at the time:

ARTV (Chilean cable high arts channel) closedown from 1992, the year it started broadcasts:
The winner of the World Cup still lacks its footing at TVARK (aside from a Tevedos (now América) test card from the first years of operation), so here's an Argentine closedown from 2001. Canal 7, the public channel, now TVP (worth noticing that TVP had the terrestrial rights of the past World Cup)

Before the anthem a call for action to help find a schizophrenic person. No test card, normally in those days the signal shut down as soon as the shutdown message finished. On cable the terrestrial channels would timeshare with other channels overnight and later, handed over to the EPG until they were made obsolete.
TVI rebranded yesterday.
Ukrainian TV bug for the first anniversary of the war. 1+1 Ukraina (1+1 International was replaced by this channel, 1+1 International returned under a new license but NOS (my provider) is lazy to search for it)
[Image: 20230224_002247.jpg]
[Image: 20230224_002254.jpg]
Telecinco rebranded.
Wave of rebrands in the Benelux countries:

On April 26, RTL's two Luxembourgish channels and the website (radio still uses the classic wordmark) have switched to RTL United, I quite like the result:

Then on May 1 (yesterday) the RTL United brand deployment was finished with RTL Nederland:

I too like how it turned out, the problem is that RTL Telekids has three "basic" colors, maybe that's my viewpoint, and RTL 7's color scheme doesn't seem to match the testosterone reality and sport content the channel has (feels more of a "lightweight" channel to me), even though I like the colors

And lastly Één became VRT 1. Nothing new except for ditching the hexagon and adding the current VRT wordmark. You can see it on VRT's website
Commercials and promos from TCS Channel 5  (TCS now Mediacorp) 25 years ago

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