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International Presentation
RTS (switzerland) recently rebranded all of their networks with a new design

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IBA Channel 1
Late news
Tennis highlights (July 7, 1991 is the approximate date based on data gathered with the digitizer from Argentina)
One of the Psuko Shel Yom spin-offs
Brazil, the last country where analog satellite TV is still existing, is shutting down services.

On the early hours of March 30 (Easter Saturday), Record shut down its analog satellite signal during (pre-recorded) UCKG programming, gradually doing so in the process. The way the signal shut down was like a submarine delivering its final signals:

Last Sunday night, Band shut down before midnight going straight to static:

A few minutes later RedeTV! did the same during what seems to be a game show, where the signal was accidentally switched off in anticipation, before returning for a brief while.

On August 18 (SBT's birthday), Globo will do so and is already airing promos regarding the shutdown.
Bosnia and Herzegovina's state channel converted to HD a month ago, in time for Euro 2024.

Last SD closedown and conversion to HD:

Startup in HD:
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