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Des and Mick
Coming from the creator of a comic series with characters and everything, the TV and Radio section of Des and Mick is the spiritual successor of his other website, TV & Radio Bits, shut down in 2008 (my first pres site other than the BBC's Cult TV site).

Years after its closure, a significant amount of content from the former website moved to the Des and Mick one, who until then hosted limited content like the Eurovision reviews.

Yesterday he announced that, due to the rising costs of running a bespoke website (even with 000webhost), he decided to reconvert some of the content from the websites to three separate Wordpress blogs. Nonetheless the old website is still active but half of the content has moved. Sadly the new TV and Radio blog (for now) lacks the key dates section.

While TV & Radio Bits was heavily BBC-centric, late in its lifespan and in subsequent revivals under the Des and Mick website, it started to add some ITV and later Channel 4 and UKTV content.

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