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Bob the Fish Productions
Heads up, I am working in association with Bob the Fish Productions and I am an amateur video maker using a near-derelict laptop to make videos, and now I had to start outsourcing because I don't have plans to install such a program on my newer laptop.

Bob the Fish Productions ( is owned by Matthew Harris (aka Applemask) and I hae been posting videos of mine on my behalf for the past two years now. The first videos I made were Christmas Wrapping retrospectives on S4C (October 2019) and Channel 5 (done during the start of the crisis a few months later) and I have also done a few Hard Sell specials (more from my own behalf than from himself), the four-parter Fallen STAR, about the rise and fall of the STAR TV network in Asia (done mostly as a piece against the agony of linear TV led by Disney under Bob Chapek) and, more recently, the S4C video inspired by 4Sight.

With Matthew I'm thinking of making a saga related to the 25th anniversary of digital television in the UK by looking at the ITV Digital fiasco in greater detail.

Bob the Fish Productions is also housed on YouTube, where all of my collaborations are hosted. I have been following him since YT haphazardly recommended the first part of Christmas Wrapping way way back in December 2008.

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