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Real Fires advert
I've a question about the famous dog/cat/mouse real fire advert from the late 80s. What exactly was the soundtrack on it? I know the song was Will You Love Me Tomorrow and my mind (I was very young at the time it aired so it could be playing tricks on me) always remembered it as the original version by The Shirelles, but most copies of it I've found online are not the original. There is a low quality RealPlayer copy floating around with the original version. Was it changed at some stage to avoid royalties maybe?
One of YouTube seems to be The Shirelles version with the caption at the end "Contact Your Coal Merchant" Smile

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) had a ruling until 1991 (I think) when it was replaced with the Independent Television Commission (ITC) that commercial advertising could not use licensed music (pop songs). So I think the cover version would have been before 1991 and The Shirelles version on or after 1991. When I saw this I thought you meant The Coallite advert!

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