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This is the TVARK Public Information Films Forum. Here you can discuss PIFs past and present. Whether it's films about road safety, stranger danger, fire safety or public health, all comments are welcome.

While we encourage everyone to register, take part and discuss topics with like-minded individuals, please note we will not tolerate trolls, bullies or troublemakers.
As the user who first started the whole discussion on PIF's many years ago, it feels quite strange to be doing it again after all this time.  Hopefully, others with an interest in this area will participate, and it'll once again become popular.
Great to be back on the TV Ark Forum, first join here back in the early 00's.
First met Mister Trimble & Picasso on here along with many others.
Welcome back TV-Ark
The first PIF is a Irish TV license ad from 1970 and was when RTE were still transmitting in black and white analogue.

[Image: blackbackground%202.png]
Twitter: @TVenthusiasm
Welcome back, TV-ARK Forum! It's GREAT to see you back after MORE THAN 15 YEARS!!! Cool

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