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Challenge ECP Scripts You remember
Post in the scripts for the ECPS on Challenge.

Pointless Next, Chase at 8pm

"Next on Challenge, We have the pleasure of the company of Armstrong and Osman. One love's aming for 0. Sorry, Alexander's poshness is rubbing off on one. Then after pointless weeknights at 8, One could push back for the chase if one fancies it."

Tenable Next Chase Weekends 5pm
"Can your team score a perfect 10? Who's gonna be the captain? Wait for it... Warrik Davis is next here on challenge with tenable. The will it be another day at the office for the chaser? Get your brain in training with Bradley weekends at 5."

Those are examples, fanmade ones are allowed but include FANMADE like this:
Monopoly Lifesized Next, Chase Weekends 5pm FANMADE

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