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I completely forgot about that Newswire feature nearly four years after they invented it. The site already had the most-commented and most-liked videos even though it was in beta mode for two years, only the most-viewed were there.

Who knows what led to the BBC 2 crystal ball breaking all the records
Greetings. Used to lurk on the old TVARK forums years ago, think I posted like....twice!

Well.....time to change that methinks!
Sometimes I get "authorization code mismatch" and I have to log in for a second time.
Hey all - good to be here! I wish the TVArk team all the best with this new forum. Smile

(31-07-2022, 06:36 PM)Colorband Wrote: As someone whose entire 'forums about British television' career was caused by the successor to the successor to the original TVARK Forum (not a typo, astonishingly), it's exciting to see it come back after all this time! Here's a champagne bottle on the bow and a "best of luck" to this forum!

Aw man that brings me back… that forum was awesome - hey old friend, good to see you again!  Heart
Former TV Forum and TV Live Forum member - you might have known me as AddictedToTVPres as well during on TVF (and/or other forums)…
(31-07-2022, 05:31 PM)Lyric Wrote: I hope y'all know what you're doing - Best prepare yourself for a plethora of messages saying "WHERE'S THE ARCHIVE?!" or something similar...

Aside from that, good luck on the new forum.
so where is it???????? LOL

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