BBC Two Schools and Colleges 1986 – 1991

BBC Daytime on TWO and a second CG piece introduced in 1986 was the animated ‘TWO’ logo. The “T” appeared followed by the “W” and finally the “O”. In 1988 a fifteen second coountdown was introduced. At around fifteen seconds – not always – the top right-hand corner of the screen revealed a timer.

From time to time the timer could have subtle differences in appearence such as a drop shadow or darker in colour. This was often down to the continuity announcer. In some cases the “TWO” logo would disappear back into the screen. Consistancy was maintained by starting from the “T” and sinking the proceeding letters into the background.

BBC Two Schools and Colleges – Holding Slides

Example holding slides (autumn 1986 – summer 1990) all from 1988.

Example programme information slides (autumn 1990 – summer 1991)

Examples of “follows shortly” slides (autumn 1990 – summer 1991)