BBC2 1967 – 1969 Branding

In a kaleidoscopic leap forward, the United Kingdom welcomed the vibrant era of colour television in 1967. Leading the chromatic charge, BBC2 became the pioneer, launching its colour broadcasts on July 1st. This milestone was accompanied by a brand-new identity, marking the debut of the UK’s very first colour ident. Thus, British TV traded its monochrome past for a future awash in glorious hues.

BBC2 Colour Refresh 1969 – 1970

In a stylish revamp back in 1969, a mechanical rotating symbol made its grand entrance, jazzing up the channel’s visuals. Accompanying this mechanical marvel, the colour legend got a chic makeover with italicised text and a fresh, updated font. Unfortunately, we’re short on video footage to showcase this iconic transformation – anyone out there able to help?