4 Learning 2004 – 2005 Branding

The 2001 idents were still going strong at the start of Spring Term 2004. However, just before half term they vanished in what is perhaps the biggest shock 4Learning has delivered so far. Gone were the school-based sequences in favour of just one 60-second holding device, showing two teenagers walking the streets and passing each other at the end.

In terms of ‘packaging’ the schools television service, this was to be the last from Channel 4. A new look was introduced on 12th January 2004. It depicted young people and what social and personal issues may affect their journey to adulthood. It was clever with good use of Computer Generated Imagery compositing. There was less focus, presentation wise, on the very young and more toward young adults (14+). This sequence was also the first to remove a visual countdown but the maximum length of the sequence itself was sixty seconds. If there was more time Channel 4 would insert educational media or Public Information Films (PIFs). Unlike any pervious service however was the insertion of mainstream Channel 4 programme promotions (astonishingly Teen Big Brother made it into the morning schedules). Contact slides displaying Teachers’ Notes and other information were scrapped. The end of sixty second junctions and continuity had arrived. From early 2005 and after 18 years Channel 4 retired their packaged schools television service. Educational broadcasts still continued but adverts appeared between programmes. However, these adverts were of an educational nature.

Understanding The Junction – At A Glance Designer: UNKNOWN (Channel 4 in-house) Sequence: 1x 60 seconds (max) countdown Running: January 2004 – September 2005