Paramount Network 2018 – 2022

Paramount Network is a British free-to-air television channel operated by Channel 5 Broadcasting and features a range of programming from the Channel 5 stable as well as other content from the UK and US. Not to be mistaken for the original Paramount channel which become Comedy Central.

The channel launched on 4 July 2018, and was overseen by Ben Frow, (at the time) controller of Channel 5, along with Paramount Network International Jill Offman Frow said, “Paramount Network is set to deliver high end Hollywood entertainment with blockbuster movies, scripted drama and critically acclaimed comedy featuring some of the biggest names on the planet. Supported by Channel 5’s creative scheduling and audience insight and underpinned by Viacom’s brand-building expertise, Paramount Network is a popular premium content destination in a free-to-air world.”

Offman, added, “Launching on TV screens in the UK is another critical milestone for the Paramount Network brand, which we’re convinced will resonate strongly with British viewers given Paramount’s distinguished and successful history of epic, cinematic story-telling for global audiences. Delivering free-to-air content to millions of UK households, underlines our belief that, despite the growing popularity of on-demand, viewers continue to value highly TV channels that offer an intelligently scheduled linear line up of quality entertainment.”