The Movie Channel

The Movie Channel (TMC), true to its name, is a premium service that shows primarily movies. Originally owned by Warner-Amex Cable, it began as a small service on several systems called "Star Channel". By the time it expanded nationwide, it was renamed "The Movie Channel". In 1983, Warner-Amex merged TMC with Viacom's Showtime, taking a half-interest in the combined Showtime/The Movie Channel, Inc. Warner-Amex sold its half of Showtime/TMC to Viacom in 1985, and TMC remained as part of the Viacom family until 2005, when it became part of CBS Corporation after Viacom's 2005 split. TMC has often taken an offbeat approach to branding over the years, quickly shifting from traditional premium channel presentation to one that pokes fun at itself and what it plays. Early 1980s idents include a bright pastel-colored look as opposed to the chrome of HBO and SHO, while by the 2000s a typical "up next" announcement would flippantly refer to Joel Schumacher's "Flawless" as his cinematic penance for Batman and Robin. While it shared the name, the US Movie Channel was not related in any way to Sky/BSB's Movie Channel that ran from 1990 to 1997.

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