Tyne Tees Television

Tyne Tees Television made its debut on January 15, 1959, broadcasting from a repurposed warehouse on City Road in Newcastle upon Tyne. The station remained in the city until July 2005, when it relocated to more compact studios in Gateshead. Over the years, Tyne Tees has produced a diverse array of programming for both the ITV network and Channel 4, in addition to its regional offerings. Notable productions include the pioneering music show ‘The Tube’ lauded adaptations of Catherine Cookson novels, and beloved children’s shows like ‘Supergran’ and ‘The Paper Lads’.

The station’s ownership and management have evolved over its history, especially through its various mergers with Yorkshire Television. In the 1970s, both stations were overseen by Trident Television. They merged once again in 1992, forming Yorkshire-Tyne Tees Television. Further consolidation within the ITV network, driven primarily by media giants Granada and Carlton, culminated in Tyne Tees becoming a subsidiary of ITV plc in 2004.