S4C 1982 – 1987 Branding

S4C launched one day before Channel 4, unfortunately we don’t have a full recording of the launch, but we do have this BBC News report from the same day.

S4C Launch Ident

New, it's not

Quality: HQ

1st November 1982

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Format: 4:3

S4C Continuity

S4C’s output is a mixture of Welsh language and English language programmes from Channel 4. Mae cynhyrchu S4C yn gymysg o rhaglenni iaith Gymraeg a rhaglenni iaith Saesneg Sianel 4.

Images from other S4C idents

S4C In-Vision Continuity

A selection of in vision continuity clips from the 1980s. Ever wondered what ITV1 Weather presenter Sian Lloyd did before the weather? Well here she is in her former role as an S4C continuity announcer… plus Nia Ceidiog, in her role as an S4C continuity announcer before Nia went on to present Newyddion in the early 1990’s.