Coronation Street (Open)

Coronation Street went HD on May 31st 2010 at 7pm. The new opening titles were designed by John Paul Hersey and Andy Goldie of HerseyGoldieFilms. The tiles feature jib shots of various locations around Manchester including The Printworks for the opening shot, Castlefield locks for the second shot and the chimney pots in the final shot were filmed in West Didsbury. The tram is kept and updated to one of Metrolink's new yellow and silver M5000 series. Filmed on a Red camera at 3k and 33fps, with a long lens meant a really narrow depth of field – foreground elements are sharp, and the background action is kept defocussed. The new typeface is called Trajan.This is episode 7352, transmitted on Monday 31st May 2010.