Doctor Who

Jodie Whittaker fell to Earth 7/10/2018 with her enthusiastic portrayal of The Doctor, as producer Chris Chibnall opened out a vast mystery beneath the famous time traveller.

The ringing-glass spookiness of this 2018 theme arrangement is the work of composer Segun Akinola. He embodied producer Verity Lambert’s early 1963 vision for the signature tune, which was inspired by the resonant glasswork of ‘musique concrète’ proponents Structures Sonores. His incidental music for the series can be positively terrifying, with ambient moods broken by nervous beats or crashing, industrial percussion. With each successive series of the Whittaker era, Akinola’s scores became increasingly to-the-front and orchestral.

The liquid, organic look of the titles is the work of graphic artist Ben Pickles, whose personal experiments with Doctor Who graphics were noticed by celebrated Doctor Who director Rachel Talalay.