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The International News Thread
Now ABC's southern Illinois, southeast Missouri, western Kentucky & northwest Tennessee affiliate WSIL3 based in Harrisburg Illinois:

Next is NBC affiliate WPSD6 based in Paducah Kentucky: this station serves southern Illinois, western Kentucky, northwest Tennessee & southeast Missouri.

Jornal da Noite from June 10, 2000. SIC had to counter-program against a Euro 2000 match with Globo's series A Muralha, that's why the news started at 9:30 instead of 8. Portuguese TV hardly does that anymore, they just continue their newscasts as if nothing else is on

Being a Portugal Day special, expect a few reports about the Portuguese diaspora, our newscasts do that a lot every year.
Tonight in "Look, it's Weekend World!":
News intros from Qatar Television. The current theme heard is a remix of the latter half of the first one from over 50 years ago.
RTL-TVI in Belgium has an all-new look for its news operation, with an all-new wordmark.
The RTL radio news sounder is no longer part of the theme because of the sale to DPG Media (owners of VTM) last year.
Euronews has rebranded. I suspect they're aiming for a more hip young approach.
TVI is teasing the rebrand of its news operation, starting in a little over a week from now (February 20). marking the return of the Jornal Nacional brand and four-note jingle. No footage of the new look has appeared yet, better keep it secret until the big day.
The rebrand as it happened.

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