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whats happened to the archive?
I don't know. Some sources say there are 4000 pages and 55000 clips. That's a massive undertaking, but rather than updating the site gradually I think they must be going for an all or nothing release.

Re-encoding clips, putting new start and end captions on to prevent people stealing the clips and putting them on YouTube is essential, but it's been years now. We're all thankful for the hard work by the TV-Ark Team especially for those that remember the hey-day. I know people are only doing this part-time but surely getting some sections working would be a start.

I thought if you have the original sources in a good digital format a script could be written to add start and end captions without re-encoding the whole clip. ffmpeg could be scripted to do this. Not sure about H.264 encoders. With fast CPU speeds and fast internet connections today I'm sure the whole thing could be done in days.

Trying to explain to people today what TV-Ark was like is difficult. Some people have never heard of Real Video and can't imagine having to wait 2 minutes to watch a 30 second TV advert on dial-up!

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