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New Global News Presentation
After almost 10 years with that same boring crap that was meant for the 2013 design package of Global TV in Canada, they finally rejuvenated the entire news department, bringing it in line with the network (with the exception of the fonts, now using Serif and Roboto aka the "Android font". Why not use San Francisco?).

The 2013-2022 package was designed for the 2013-2016 Global network package, but when Global changed their logo the news department was neglected and did not receive a major rejuvenation (the local news intro musics were changed in 2016, and National got a minor tweak in 2018) until now. It's 6 years long overdue, but after these years, for the first time, Global News and Network felt smoother to watch.

The only issue is there are hiccups - the virtual set has yet to get an update, and some stations use the Arial font for the Weather segment. It felt a bit rushed. Prior to the redesign, spoilers were shown over the summer with the billboards/social media posts using the new logo, and The West Block using the new design last month.

The 2022 update to Global News finally kills off the final remains of both the 2006-2016 brand, and the 2013-2016 Global Network package.

Local news intro:

National intro:


The music sounds like a mix of the 2006-2013 Global News, and Israeli television networks. Actually, it kinda feels a bit more European than Canadian.

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