Hollywood or Bust

In his opening link, Bruce Forsyth makes it clear this isn't a game show but a fun show, where members of the studio audience will become stars overnight! In fact the contestants were chosen at random and asked to re-enact scenes from famous movies, such as 'The King and I' and 'Gone With The Wind', with Forsyth as director. In his autobiography, he says he turned down a third series of sitcom 'Slinger's Day' to make this, but hints at contractual problems over the format. Presumably that's why only one series was made: the six editions were shown between 10/04/1984 and 15/05/1984.

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Titles
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:Thames Television
Country: United Kingdom
Channel / Service: ITV
Talent and Credits
Presenter: Bruce Forsyth
Posted by: TVARK