BBC Look East

Look East launches new titles on 26th August 2014. The tweaked titles now feature full colour images. From Look East’s Facebook page Director Cheryl Dilley writes “Cameraman Martin Giles and I were set the task of refreshing our opening titles, filming new locations right across the region to deliver east, west and pan-regional versions. On the Suffolk leg of the shoot we decided to use an Octocopter to fly a camera over Ipswich Marina and the Orwell Bridge as they would look best filmed from some height. Martin operated the camera while former pilot Alan Perrin flew the Octocopter, which is like a small remote controlled helicopter – they were used extentively in the BBC Winter Olympics coverage for the ski-jumping. As we arrived at the Orwell Bridge a huge tanker was already approaching and we had to scramble to launch straight away with only one chance to nail the shot.”