Look Northwest

By 1981 Look North was renamed Look North West to avoid confusion for neighbouring viewers in Yorkshire. Here are the opening titles from 1st May 1981, and on the soundtrack is production talkback from the local studio (Studio N, Manchester) and in the background programme sound. The order of events on BBC1 was: 17.40 early Evening News and weather from London, 18.00 Nationwide brief intro (i.e. teaser), 18.00.45 Regions optout of London for local news, 18.25 Regions opt back in to Nationwide, 18.59 Regions optout for local trailer, 19.00 Regions opt back in to London (these timings may be out by a minute or two….). So what you see here is the end of the brief Nationwide intro, then the optout to Look North West, the titles and the start of the lead story.Our thanks to David Norris, BBC Cameraman for the clip.