My Name is Harry Worth

The Barnsley-born comedy actor Harry Worth is probably best remembered for the title sequence of his 1960s BBC sketch show. He was filmed standing by a shop window in Manchester, raising his left arm and leg to create the optical illusion of levitation. He had developed a bumbling, accident-prone persona, which he brought to his role as a salesman in this sitcom. Other than his landlady, played by Lally Bowers, nearly everyone who meets him finds him very frustrating! There was just one series (22/04 – 17/06/74) and the simple music and graphics suggest the gentle nature of the comedy on offer, possibly a little passe even by the standards of 1974…My Name Is Harry Worth saw Harry as a brush salesman lodging with Mrs Maybury ( Lally Bowers ) at 14 Wentworth Drive. His efforts at trying to do the right things are surpassed by his inability to understand the ways of the world. Written by Ronnie Taylor, George Layton, Jonathan Lynn and produced by William G Stewart of 15 to 1 fame. It ran on Thames for 8 episodes from 22nd Aril 1974 to June 17th 1974.