The Noel Edmonds Late Late Breakfast Show

A rather James Bond-ish looking Noel Edmonds zooms his way around in a Lambo and a speed boat in the titles to this … light entertainment … show, resplendant in a theme tune written by Gary Kemp … and performed by … Spandau Ballet. … The show was famous for its stunts involving members of the public, but resulted in disaster in 1986 … when Michael Lush died from multiple injuries after a bungee stunt went horribly wrong. … The show was scrapped soon after and Noel went into hiding, only to resurface 2 years later with Noel's Saturday Roadshow.

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Titles
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: HQ
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Country: United Kingdom
Channel / Service: BBC One
Talent and Credits
Presenter: Noel Edmonds
Posted by: TVARK