Quincy M.E.

Jack Klugman stars as the Medical Examiner (or "Coroner" to you and me) working in LA County. Many of the episodes follow this formula:Somebody dies, seemingly by natural causes. Quincy notices something that causes him to suspect foul play. He then changes roles from medical examiner to detective. Quincy's boss gets upset, believing that Quincy is seeing evidence that doesn't exist and that Quincy should work on routine cases. The police get their feathers ruffled as he "shoulders-in" on their territory as well. He argues quite loudly with some bureaucratic individual impeding the case. Quincy solves the murder. Having said that, its still required viewing of a Sunday teatime! It ran for nearly 7 years and was popular worldwide.

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Titles
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: HQ
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:Universal Television
Country: United States
Channel / Service: NBC
Talent and Credits
Performers: Jack Klugman, John S Ragin, Robert Ito
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