Radio Times Two’s Company

The Radio Times being promoted here was for the week 30 Sept to 6 Oct 1978. The reason why Radio 2 was given such a big plug was that finally, Radio 1 and Radio 2 were going to split into 2 completely separate services. Radio 1 having broadcast much of Radio 2’s content in the evenings. Also Radio 2 was also going to broadcast 24 hrs a day, rather than having to close either at midnight or at that point at 2 am. In Scotland, we also had major changes to Radio Scotland. At this point Radio Scotland, despite the name changes, the station was still in effect, the old Scottish Home Service, meaning it was basically Radio 4 with the odd Scottish programme thrown in. It was also to become a separate service with more Scottish content and a mixture of Radio 4 and Radio 2 programmes in between. Sadly. due to industrial action, these changes didn’t come about until early 1979.

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Trails
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Country: United Kingdom
Talent and Credits
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