The Secret Service

Set in the present-day, The Secret Service was the first Anderson series to make use of live action footage, albeit in long shots of the characters. Supermarionated puppets were still used for close-ups. The series followed the adventures of Father Stanley Unwin, a priest who moonlights as a secret agent for an organization called B.I.S.H.O.P. (British Intelligence Service Headquarters, Operation Priest). The voice and occasional physical actions of Father Stanley were performed by a British actor and comedian of the same name. Stanley Unwin was best known for speaking a gobbledegook language of his own invention, "Unwinese", which made him popular on chat shows. The gimmick was used in the series to allow the fictional Unwin to confuse his enemies, but when Sir Lew Grade saw the first episode he cancelled it, fearing that "Unwinese" would confuse international buyers. Just 13 episodes were made: 21/09/69 – 19/12/69.