Sherlock Holmes (2)

This major BBC drama was heralded by the Radio Times as the first "full-dress, nation-wide television series in this country." The star Douglas Wilmer bore an uncanny resemblance to Sidney Paget's illustrations of Holmes, as seen in Strand Magazine in the 1890s. So great was the level of concentration needed in his performance, Wilmer revealed that playing Holmes had starved him of the things he loved. The Speckled Band was made as a pilot and transmitted on 18/05/1964 to great acclaim; it was repeated on 25/09/1964 and twelve more films were made, starting with The Illustrious Client (20/02/1965). Nigel Stock's performance as Watson in this series was universally praised, but some critics felt Wilmer had not penetrated the rôle enough and needed to be more brooding and meditative.