Strike it Lucky

“Awight a’ tha’ back?” Michael Barrymore invites 3 couples to cross the studio using video monitors, strategically banking cash and prizes and avoiding hotspots. First couple across answers one final question to play the final round to win ~£10000, ~£5000 or ~£2000 hitting only 2, 3 or 4 hotspots respectively. based on a US format of the same name, it is one of few ITV shows to have been made by both Thames and LWT. Thames ran it until the franchise loss in 1992, when it continued as a co-production with Central TV until 1994. In 1996 it was co-produced by Fremantle with LWT and given a name change to Strike It Rich. It seems Thames were unwilling to allow LWT the use of the original name. The theme music is a track by Paul Westwood called Born to Run. The opening voice-overs are given by John Benson and, in the 1988 clip, Robin Houston.From Christmas 1986 Michael Barrymore and Strike It Lucky with some TVS continuity. Also, the announcer on this clip is the legendary John Benson. This edition is introduced to Anglia’s viewers in-vision by Caroline Oldrey.