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TVARK is non-commercial and a non-profit-making website. Our server costs are funded by our team members. TVARK launched on the 8th November 1998 – back in the dial-up era as one man’s hobby, called “Television Ark”. Over the years as the site has grown, our team remain passionate about TV as well as those who’ve brought clips from their own collections of off-air television recordings. With donations from other videotape collectors the site now has over 40,000 vintage recordings.

TVARK is an online TV museum. The site is intended as a tribute to the work of television presentation and graphics, and to preserve a slice of our social history. Through images and video clips, we present those modest little chunks of television that are never repeated: idents, programme promotions, opening title sequences, public information films, commercials, daily start-ups and closedowns, break bumpers and station clocks. Each item is accompanied by a short written analysis and review.

TVARK is above all an educational resource. It is popular at home and abroad, used by teachers and students in schools and colleges. It is also recognised by people within the TV industry. Our archives are frequently used by industry professionals, who find their own master copies of programmes have been wiped over the years. We have supplied information and clips for broadcast documentaries, presentation & news programmes, as well as broadcasting websites. Our archives are deemed so valuable that we have worked with several TV companies to assist them with archiving material. Recent examples include:

  • Donating SkyTV/BSB material to the The National Media Museum for an exhibition about the origins of satellite TV
  • Providing footage to ITV Channel for a documentary about the ITV strike of the 1970s
  • Archiving project with LWT in preserving continuity
  • Archiving project with BBC in preserving local news
  • Providing BSkyB with archive footage for the History of Sky Movies and 20 Years of Sky Sports
  • Helping Promax in 2010 with some early footage for a talk about the history of the TV trailer
  • Providing ITN and BBC with news footage for the Edinburgh TV Festival ’04
  • Providing BBC with footage of vintage Christmas BBC1 & BBC2 idents for a festive comedy series in 2007
  • Clips and information for BBC documentaries such as “Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe”
  • Assisting S4/C archives
  • Providing archive to BBC North West Tonight for their 50th Anniversary programme in 2018

We receive positive feedback from TV researchers, producers, presenters, designers, art colleges, teachers, media students as well as those who relish the obvious nostalgic values of the site. Visitors to the site often comment that browsing the pages brings alive happy memories from their childhood TV viewing. They enjoy reviewing old adverts and TV shows, with their once well-known catchphrases and theme tunes, which would otherwise be consigned to oblivion. We work very hard to create accurate descriptions of our content. TV personalities and presenters, production teams, film crews and even retired broadcasting employees have all made contact, to pass on their memories, insights, gossip and otherwise unknown information about the clips we feature. Many pages have been authorized by TV companies and permission has been given to use their material, these include:

  • Granada Archives
  • ITN Source
  • Scottish TV – for schools programmes
  • S4/C – for schools programmes
  • Moving Image Communications Ltd – for TV-am
  • The South West Film & TV Archive – for TSW and Westward material
  • British Film Institute – for Public Information Films
  • Warner Brothers – for WBTV

We hope TVARK gives as much pleasure to you, as it has to us.

Special Thanks

TVARK wouldn’t be possible without your recording donations, thank you to everyone who has contributed, especially those who have contributed their entire collections. An extra special thanks to the following people:

Hardi Bales-Stutes • Steve Barnes • Andrea Harper • Mike Jones • Stuart Allen • Kenny Ellaway • Andrew Emmerson • Ashley Sowerby • Colm O’Rourke • Robert Barrett • Jean-Claude Tackaert • Chris Howles • Andrew Wood • Francois Frappe • Maureen Carney • Mike McGonagle • Dave Baldwin • Oliver Ashmole • Alison Proudfoot • Remember VHS • Damien Tyson • Thomas Pitt • Steve Salter • Hans Olav Nyborg • Jason Robertson • Damien Tyson • Eva, Stuart and Fiona Grainger • Susan Collins • Lesley Blackett • Anne Thirkell • David Steven • Gwendoline Chopping • Lawrence Dormer • Mia Webb-Contreras • Ian Jacklin • Jayne Russell • Wesley Downs • Derek Howells • Jamie Murray • Sarah Burge

Our SPARK teletext service also benefits from donated contributions, especially the regular input of Alistair Cree, Christopher Tsangari, E Quondam and Gordon Donaldson. Also, Nikki and Bunty are hosting our Mastodon account and Nikki’s done some nice teletext portraits for Dan Alborough’s soap Rex Road (page 132).

Meet the TVARK Team

Chronologically, we’re Steve Hackett, Mark McMillan, Stuart Kenny, Hayden Walker, Martin Duhig, Pete Fagan and Dan Alborough.


We have been recognised by the UK national press and many national and local radio stations. You’ll also find links to TVARK from many major websites including:

  • BBC Cult TV
  • BBC Top of the Pops 2
  • BBC TV in the 40’s
  • BBC North West Tonight
  • The British Film Institute
  • The Sci-Fi Channel

We’ve also been featured on several radio stations, as you can listen to below…

Press Logos

Please feel free to use our logos for promotional purposes.

TVARK Web History

Here’s how we used to look online…

TVARK is dedicated to Simon Luxton & Valerie Lovell Hackett

What’s New

TVARK on-the-go ~ We’re great on your mobile, for a quick fix of classic telly throughout your day.

What’s new? Everything!

For our 25th anniversary we’ve completely rebuilt TVARK. We’ve re-thought the lot, moved to a new server and built – from the ground up – a proper place for our decades of work. Along the way we’ve taken care to preserve the familiar TVARK experience that so many told us they missed. Returning visitor or first-timer, we’re immensely grateful that you’ve come to have a look.

Most won’t notice any change to the graphic design of the site and we were keen to keep it ourselves. Everything beneath its surface is new nonetheless. The world has taken to living in its phones since we established our style, so the rebuild introduces a TVARK that’s just as lovely under your thumb as it is on a laptop.

You’ll find thousands of new posts waiting for you, now that we’re back. Quite early on in our rebuild video uploads to the site resumed. Our VHS warriors have kept themselves busy as the new site rose round them.

The team has also been stepping up in terms of research. For the new clips especially, detailed data is laid out right below each video on the new site. Added to that, a load of effort has been put into improving the metadata on the forty thousand videos posted in years past.

Another modern adaptation is our use of AI upscaling to magick extra detail into some of the older clips. TVARK now has the nicest-quality examples of classic telly you’ll find anywhere and the number of finessed clips just keeps going up. We can’t keep our hands off our own vids and that’s no bad thing!

Our teletext service SPARK has remained online during construction, as have our social media posts to Facebook, X and Instagram. We’ve begun posting to Mastodon, Bluesky and Threads as well, while everyone waits for the current social media free-for-all to settle down. We also found time to launch our new TVARK Forum, when our friend Rob Francis closed his popular TV Live forum. With all those services ticking along, we’ve never really been away.

The latest new thing on TVARK is our fully-built Talent section. It’s got loads of pages of biographical details for the creatives behind the clips, including offsite links to their own online offerings. Of a few features planned for the old site, Talent is the one we chose to carry forward. It’s allowed us to better focus on our core content and our mission to reliably deliver it.

It’s a huge relief to have a television museum that suits the resources available to manage it. It’s still a lot to do on a non-profit budget and it’s doubtless added new quirks to any hiding in our older content. Please reach out and contact us if you spot anything out of place. We welcome all your feedback as we welcome you in to enjoy the brand new TVARK!

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