Tele 5 (main) Ident

German tv stations have been a bastion of the mirrored flying logo until this work by Lambie-Nairn & Co for Tele 5. Creative Director Martin Lambie-Nairn and designer/director Daniel Barber have put together a presentation system for the Munich based channel that centres around mysterious, live-action sequences reinforced by a strong spot logo and the use of colour. "In effect we have taken the on-air promotions as working like commercials" says Barber. Five sequences were created – Audition, Backstage, Children and Models. Around the longer sequences Barber and Lambie-Nairn shot shorter stings – 59 idents in all. The linking idea in all the films and through to the logo, is simply the idea of a spot, or spots. This can be large coloured ones for children to play with or sequins on models, a striking cat suit or a set design behind an audition.

Media Details
Content Type: Idents
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:Tele M
Country: Germany
Channel / Service: Tele 5
Talent and Credits
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