TG4 Nuacht – Caoimhe Ní Chonchoille (2)

TG4's news service is provided to the channel by RTÉ at no cost; it forms a substantial part of a quota of 365 hours a year RTÉ produces for TG4 in accordance with the Broadcasting Act 2009. Reports are often broadcast on both RTÉ and TG4's Irish language news programmes, which since 2009 have shared production facilities at TG4's studios in County Galway. Nuacht TG4 bulletins are shown at 7.00pm every evening, with a half-hour bulletin on weekdays and 15 minute bulletins at weekends.

Media Details
Picture: 16:9 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:Teilif
Country: Ireland
Channel / Service: TG4
Talent and Credits
Posted by: TVARK