Whoops Apocalypse

Arguably the best ITV sitcom ever, period! Created by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, it spoofs the USA and USSR superpowers, driven to nuclear holocaust by sheer inanity. President Johnny Cyclops has recently had a lobotomy, the British Prime Minister thinks he's Superman and the Shah of Iran is trapped aboard the Space Shuttle as it collides with the Kremlin! This series boasts a hugely inventive and surreal script, plus an exceptional cast: Peter Jones, Barry Morse, John Barron, Richard Griffiths, John Cleese, Geoffrey Palmer, Leonard Montague, David Kelly, Alexei Sayle and Rik Mayall. The writers turned their six half-hour episodes into a feature film starring Peter Cook, but it fails to hold a candle to this. (tx: 14/03/82 – 18/04/82)