Zig Zag

Who can forget the popular BBC Schools series, Zig-Zag? The series targeted middle school children, and investigated aspects of geography, nature and history in the UK and around the world tacking subjects such as The Battle of Hastings through to Zoo Animals. The show was presented by Wayne Laryea (Johnny from Pipkins) and Sheelagh Gilbey (who also appeared on 'Do It' a Children's ITV programme in the 80s made by for TVS).

Media Details
Content Type: Programme Titles
Picture: 4:3 Colour
Quality: ST
Production and Transmission
Production Co.:BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
Country: United Kingdom
Channel / Service: BBC Two
Talent and Credits
Presenter: Sheelagh Gilbey
Writer: Chris Ellis
VT / Picture Editors: Grant Muter, Richard Seel
Producer: Mike Casey
Director: Tom Stanier
Posted by: TVARK