BBC Two Scotland

BBC Two Scotland started providing local programming in the early 80’s. During this time the channel was used for all manner of opt outs including Gaelic programmes on Thursday evening. Until 2015 Glasgow would only provide continuity around Scottish opts, instead relying on the network, but since 2015 Glasgow would cover all junctions. On Sunday 18th February 2019 BBC Two Scotland closed down and replaced with the BBC 2 English service and the new BBC Scotland Channel a week later.

BBC Two Scotland 1991 – 2001

BBC Two Scotland 2001 – 2007

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BBC Two Scotland 2007 – 2018

On Sunday 18th February 2007, Windows of the World ident came into being. On 17th June 2009 the idents were revised to the BBC Two logo was on the opposite side of the screen and only appeared at the start of the ident, expect for Mirror.

In July 2014 as part of BBC2 Birthday the channel permanently brought back a selection of idents used between 1991-2001 sets to run alongside the 50th Birthday set, instead of the “Window on the World” package. On 1st January the white box reverted back to the teal box.

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BBC Two Scotland 2018 – 2019

On Thursday 27th September, BBC Two Scotland was given a brand refresh was the result of a partnership between the BBC’s in-house agency BBC Creative and brand agency Superunion, while the audio to accompany the idents was created by Alex Baranowski. Only 21 idents were used before the channel close-down on 17th February 2019.