5 Star

5 Star is a digital television channel and is the sister channel of Channel 5, 5 Spike, 5 USA and 5 Select. It originally launched as the female-oriented Five Life on 15 October 2006 with such show as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Love My Way, Windfall, Angela’s Eyes, and Trisha Goddard.

The channel was rebranded as Fiver on 28 April 2008 to help re-positioned its self with a “younger, faster, louder” concept.

The channel was re-branded as 5 Star on 7 March 2011 moving away from its female orientations, which included the newly acquired Big Brother. On 11 February 2016, the current brand was introduced as part of an overall re-branding of Channel 5’s networks following their acquisition by Viacom.