9 Network

The network's branding has usually centred around its large stable of personalities and anchors. — Elaborate, 2-minute season launches featuring the network's stars as a big, happy family with upbeat jingles were — a Nine signature in the 80s and 90s. — Although the other networks had their imitations, Nine pioneered the genre in Australia. — The slogan "Still the One" was borrowed from ABC America's promotional campaigns. —

Sport played a major role in the network's identity and took up a large chunk of programming. — In cricket, Kerry Packer saw an opportunity to attract viewers — with its long-form and relatively low-cost telecasts. — Nine was instrumental in creating the one-day cricket genre, especially day-night games under lights, which could be broadcast live in prime time across the country. — Nine's "Wide World of Sports" branding was borrowed from ABC America.

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circa 1986

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