Ulster Television 1980 – 1988 Branding

To celebrate Ulster Television’s 21st birthday on 31st October 1980, the company unveiled a rotating model ident nicknamed “The Lollipop”.

1988 – 1989

On 7th September a new computer-generated ident was introduced as part of the new evening news programme “Six Tonight”. By 1988 it had become the main ident for Ulster Television.

Ulster Television In-Vision Continuity

Ulster Closedown

New, it's not

Quality: HQ

24th October 1982

Views: 418

Format: 4:3

Ulster Start-Up

New, it's not

Quality: HQ

25th May 1987

Views: 331

Format: 4:3

Ulster Television Holding Slides

None at present from this period, can you help?

Ulster Television Miscellaneous Items